Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Sō.Capital
2. Sō.ciety
3. Campaigns
4. Platforms


1. Sō.Capital

  • What is Sō.Capital?
    Sō.Capital is a web-based application owned and operated by Sō.Capital Inc. It displays publicly-available information about capital deployment opportunities from one convenient location online.
  • How does Sō.Capital differ from crowdfunding or other capital raising platforms?
    Sō.Capital is not a crowdfunding or capital raising platform. It is a platform that helps you learn about crowdfunding and online capital raising campaigns. Through our capital raising search engine, we further help you to discover and drive the outcomes of the yet-to-be completed stories of people, causes, and companies raising capital worldwide. Through our educational content and the display of capital raising stories from one centralized location online, you are free to search and ., to give and grow across a number of otherwise disconnected platforms based on your interests.
  • Is Sō.Capital a regulated intermediary or advisor?
    No. Sō.Capital is a platform that displays information about capital deployment opportunities publicly available elsewhere online. It is not a broker-dealer or investment advisor registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, nor does it engage in or provide broker-dealer or investment advisory services. Sō.Capital does not offer or provide any reports regarding, analysis of, or otherwise help you determine if a given capital deployment opportunity is in your best interests. Additionally, Sō.Capital does not endorse or recommend deploying capital with any individual or in any company displayed on our site or make any suggestions as to the suitability of any capital deployment opportunity. <br/> The information presented on the website and mobile application is based on publicly available information originating elsewhere online. Sō.Capital does not create or generate the information displayed in the main campaign feed portion of the site and makes no representation or warranty as to the adequacy, accuracy, or completeness of such information. The information is displayed solely for informational purposes and, where applicable, is not a solicitation of an offer to buy or an offer to sell any security.
  • How much does it cost to use Sō.Capital?
    Sō.Capital is a free, no cost service for its users.

2. Sō.ciety

  • What is the Sō.ciety?
    We are building a comprehensive capital network (a “Sō.ciety”) that will help us to collectively realize our potential to directly impact or change the companies, communities, and causes we care about. Our educational content and continued exposure to the compelling, in-their-own-words stories of people seeking to raise capital in order to improve, survive, and change the world around them for the better empowers ours users to be better stewards of their own capital in the process. </br> We want to help you discover the power of personal philanthropy, and to recognize your ability to be a benefactor that drives the outcomes of the issues you care about. If this sounds compelling, then welcome to the Sō.ciety! Register
  • Do I need to register to Sō.Capital?
    No. There is no need to register to use our site. Simply go to our home page and use the nifty search and sort features to find campaigns that respond to your interests.
    We make search easy so that you can focus on discovery.
  • Why register?
    When you register, you become an official Sō.ciety member. In the process, you can tell us a bit about yourself and your interests so that we can provide you with a better user experience. For example, when you register you can save campaigns you are interested in and set up periodic email notifications for campaigns that meet the criteria you specify. We anticipate providing Sō.ciety members with additional benefits and features over time. Stay tuned and keep sō.ing capital!`

3. Campaigns

  • What type of platforms does Sō.Capital feature?
    Sō.Capital displays campaigns otherwise present in the feeds of various types of online capital raising platforms. Some platforms help companies pre-sell products in order to fund their development, others are regulated intermediaries with regulated deal flow on their site, like in the case of offerings conducted pursuant to Regulation Crowdfunding (or “Reg CF”) and sometimes with respect to platforms conducting, e.g., Regulation A or Regulation D offerings. Other platforms focus on assisting non-profits looking to improve the conditions of people worldwide. Others help artists and the creative classes find patrons that can support their efforts and endeavors on an ongoing basis.
    We bring them together, so you don’t have to.
  • Why does Sō.Capital display securities-based campaigns alongside donation-based and rewards-based campaigns?
    Need and giving take all forms, as does their motivation.
    Sō.Capital focuses on the display of powerful human narratives, irrespective of their regulatory status, while giving you the tools you need to discover and drive their outcomes.
    If you find a campaign you like, save it. If you don’t want to see a specific campaign or category of campaign, hide it. We respect you and don’t presume to know what motivates your desire to be an agent of change. We want to show you what’s out there and let you decide.
    Join us as we search, Sō., give and grow.
  • I run an online platform and like what I’m seeing here. How can I have the stories I feature show up on your site?
    We are always looking for ways to expand the compelling content displayed on Sō.Capital. If you have an idea or would like to discuss potential partnerships, please let us know by emailing lets@so.capital. We look forward to hearing from you!

4. Platforms

  • Who do I contact if I have questions about a capital raising story?
    If you have questions about a campaign or would just like to learn more, click on the “Go to Campaign” button. That button will take you to the original location of the campaign online. You can find further details about the individual or company conducting, and the intermediary hosting, the capital raise on the site to which you are redirected.
    Please note that for regulatory reasons some intermediary platforms are only allowed to facilitate communications between potential participants and companies directly on the intermediary’s website (i.e., depending on the type of story, direct, off-platform communications may not be permitted).`
  • What’s the difference between a story tied to a securities-based campaign and one tied to a donation- or rewards-based campaign?
    Securities are regulated investment instruments. They confer intangible rights and benefits upon the holder that differ significantly from rights conferred to participants in donations- or rewards-based campaigns. For example, the rights and benefits represented by an equity interest in a company, among other things, may include the right to share in the profits and residual interests of a company. Typically, a donation to a company or non-profit provides no such benefit, but may instead provide tax benefits or intangible personal benefits to the donor. Similarly, a rewards-based campaign typically does not confer any interest in the company receiving the capital deployed upon the campaign participant, but may provide them with some determinable reward, like a tee-shirt or product produced by the company.
    Whatever the type of campaign, every jurisdiction has its own laws, rules, and regulations that must be followed. In the United States, at the federal level, transactions in securities are regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”), while transactions in donation- and rewards-based campaigns are generally regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (the “FTC”). State-specific laws and regulations also apply.`
  • What type of campaign is best for me?
    You are right to have questions and to look for answers. People deploy capital for any number of reasons; some to see capital appreciation or tax benefits, others to receive appreciation or the intangible benefits that often flow from being generous and philanthropic.
    To be clear, however, Sō.Capital is not a broker-dealer or investment advisor registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. We do not provide investment advice or help you determine whether a given capital deployment opportunity is in your best interests. If you have questions as to the types of capital deployment opportunities that may work best for you, consult with your broker-dealer or investment advisor or other financial professional. Additionally, we encourage you to explore the many free investment-related educational resources available to you online, including on the following websites: www.sec.gov www.investor.gov www.finra.org www.NASAA.org 

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